Corporate Events

Events for your Business which are Informative, Educational and Fun


Sussex Wine Academy runs a number of different events which are designed according to your needs.

These events can be used for:



Team Building

An event which starts by 'teaching to taste wine like a professional'. How to analyse the different taste elements of a wine and differentiate wine styles.

Participants are later split into teams for a blind tasting of a range of wines. Using their recently acquired knowledge, they then have to identify the wines,

in terms of New World/Old World, country, region, grape variety, age and style. Points are given for each element and teams work together to correctly identify the wines.


Food and Wine Pairing

An informative event involving practical demonstrations of the effect of Food on Wine and showing how wines can be matched to food.

Great event in its own right, but also of great use for anyone who is involved in corporate entertainment, or just for getting that dinner party right!


Comparative Wine Tastings

Events for a multitude of occasions, involving the tutored, comparative tasting of a selection of wines on a theme.

Themes can be varied and for example could be the same grape variety from different countries, wines from the same producer but of different vintages, wines from the same country, different types of sparkling wine, etc.


Themed Wine Tastings

An almost infinite range of tastings, which can be designed in consultation with the business.

Fine Claret       Sherry      Port      Wines of New Zealand..................................